Download Lazy IPTV for PC in Windows 7/8/10

This post will cover a guide on how to install Lazy IPTV for PC on your desktop and laptop computer which is running on Windows 7, 8 or 10.

Download Lazy IPTV for PC

DeveloperLazyCat Software
Size5.7 MB
Google PlayStore LinkLAZY IPTV

How to Install Lazy IPTV in Windows 7/8/10

Television has been a part of an individual’s ideal lifestyle for as long as 80 years. Television at its peak provided with entertainment, news and so much more. But in the age of technology, everything has become digital-based – everything which was available in the television can be viewed digitally in the chosen device.

With the help of Internet Protocol television (IPTV), these television contents are readily available to watch via mobiles apps. One such app which has found success in this field is Lazy IPTV.

Introduced by LazyCat Software, the Lazy IPTV is a video player which broadcasts Television programmes onto the mobile device. The Lazy IPTV can play not only http and udp streams but also links either from vk-videos or youtube. There’s the option of also listening to internet radio playback with the help built-in audio player.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any built-in playlist but the user has the freedom to customise and edit their own playlist. Other than the built-in few european Electronic Program(EPG) in the app, external EPG can be downloaded. All of the settings and user made playlists are backed up in the app in case of any abnormalities. There are reminders for ongoing TV programs which can be turned on by the user. There is the added feature of parental control present in this app.

Lazy IPTV app, as the name suggests, provides a platform for users to watch their favorite TV programs in the palm of their hands without having to move.

Have you tried Lazy IPTV? What do you think of it? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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