How to Fix Bluestacks Engine Won’t Start Error in Windows

Want to try out an Android app on your Windows computer but Bluestacks is stuck on an error? This guide shall cover some methods to get rid of this problem with ease.

Fix Bluestacks Engine Won't Start error in Windows

Normally, users reported this error “Bluestacks engine won’t start” when trying to update the software to the newer version. However, this is not the only cause as some reported that a recent Windows update also resulted in Bluestacks crashing. In either case, you do not need to worry as we have found working methods to fix this annoying problem.

Fix # 1: Enable Virtualization 

This method has proved out to be very effective for a lot of users that resolves lot of Bluestacks problems. Apart from solving problems, enabling virtualization speeds up Bluestacks that will enhance your gaming experience.

Virtualization is the technical term for a technology in your computer that sets up the CPU so that it can act like lots of different computers, all in one. In each computer, the operating system runs independently from the other separate computers, so the whole system doesn’t lag when one of the computers is bogged down or working hard on a project. 

Steps to enable virtualization varies from system to system, since it has to be done from BIOS.

General steps to enable virtualization (for intel processor) are as below:

  1. Download Intel Processor Identification utility and install it.
  2. After installation, launch this utility and click on CPU Technologies tab.
  3. There, search for Intel Virtualization Technology. If you see Yes there then it means that your processor supports this tech.
  4. Simply enable it and then restart your computer.

Fix # 2: Uninstall Bluestacks

If the problem persists even after enabling virtualization, then worry not as there is still a solution. All you need now is to uninstall Bluestacks and then re-install it again.

These two methods have proved to be most effective when it comes to fixing Bluestacks engine won’t start error.

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