Zero VPN for PC (Set Up for Windows/Mac)

VPN has been prominent amongst students, office workers and those who individuals who prefer privacy and anonymity. Various companies and schools ban a specific list of websites to be publicly-accessed within the premises of the office or educational institute.

zero VPN

In order to bypass such barriers VPN apps are crucial. Though there are a lot of VPN mobile apps currently dominating the market, one name is slowly lurking into the spotlight, the Zero VPN app. And there’s a good reason behind its success.

Zero VPN is similar to its competitors with its functionality, that is encrypting the network traffic and concealing the real IP address. But it is superior to the rest with its one-touch access to a reliable network. There is no requirement for any user registration or even any traffic limitation. There is a range of different region servers which could be chosen from, also the application could (depending on the region) choose the most suitable server in order to provide the top-performing server. Currently, there are exclusive servers present in America, part of Europe and Asia. Also, the app unlocks various websites or apps in restricted regions.

Zero VPN was designed by its developer with the sole purpose of providing secure internet access to the users without any hassle. It also engages the user through a simple interface within the VPN system with no registration and no traffic limitation. Overall, it has substantial following both in Google Play and Apple Store, with the latter having a higher rate. It is steadily gaining fame within the Android users for its simplicity into a secure connection.

Fans who love this app want to use it on their desktop and laptop computers as well. The primary way to use android VPN apps on desktop computers is through the use of an android emulator, such as Bluestacks. The emulator imitates the android system and hardware so that the app works on desktop without a lot of technical work and know-how.

All you need to do is to download the free emulator of your choice to your desktop computer, and after install, locate the VPN you want to use. Download it to your desktop computer and open it with the emulator. After that, you’ll be good to go.

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