Kill Time with Bored Button for Windows PC

Bored Button is based on lot of games. Each time you press the red button, a new game will be presented to have a pleasure of being played by you.

Bored Button Game or Application?

Basically, it is a game with lot of other games inside it. You can also call it a collection of game. This is the definition of Bored Button.

Bored Button for PC

By its look, Bored Button seem to be very simple with limited functionality. However, it is not. Do not get fooled by its simple interface.

Bored Button is filled with puzzle, car racing and other skill testing games. If you do not like any game, simple close the app and re-launch it. Next time, you will see a new game.

Steps to Play Bored Button Game in Windows

Like most of the other smartphone apps, Bored Button is not available as a standalone app for Windows. Irrespective of that, you can still play this in Windows with Android emulator software.

Bored Button for Windows

When you launch Bored Button for PC for the first time, a red button will be there on your screen. Click on that button to see the surprise game. Unlike mobile version, you will have to use mobile or keyboard to control/play Bored Button in Windows.

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