Download Creative Destruction for PC: Amazing Survival Game

Built on a concept of survival, Creative Destruction is an addictive game for Android devices that has ability to keep you occupied for hours. Learn how you can play Creative Destruction on Windows PC.

Creative Destruction for PC

Creative Destruction for PC

Game NameCreative Destruction
Size84 MB
PriceFree - Offers in-app purchases

How to Install in Windows 7/8/10 Using BlueStacks

  1. Download BlueStacks latest version for your Windows desktop or laptop computer.
  2. Open PlayStore.
  3. In search box, type “Creative Destruction” and hit enter.
  4. Download the game.

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Creative Destruction Review/Gameplay

As with most of the survival games, the main goal of gamer while playing Creative Destruction is to stay alive till the end of the battle, in order to win. To achieve this goal, you will have to compete with 100 players in a battlefield.

Do not worry about the difficulty level of this game. When you will start playing for the first time, there will be a tutorial to help you get used to controls of the the game. Your first few matches will be treated as practice matches. Once done with practicing the game, it will time to prove yourself by getting in to battlefield of 4+ KM area.

Please note that Creative Destruction is not a shooting game, but rather a survival game where you just have to stay alive till the end of game. If you happen to stay alive till end, you will be declared winner.

Tips for Playing Creative Destruction for PC

In order to succeed and score higher when playing Creative Destruction for PC, just remember the following tips: At first, land at a place which is not populated. Once you are landed, look for the chest to find weapons and other necessary items. Last but not least, practice well enough before starting the game in expert mode.

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